Prevention against Silica Dust

Silica is used in building materials such as concrete, brick, stucco and mortar. When sanding, drilling or chiselling in some building material will release silica dust.

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Inhalation of silica stone dust may cause lung damage as silicosis or lung cancer. Other cancers are also associated with exposure to silica dust.

Particularly high risk of hazardous exposure to silica dust is present at drilling and demolition indoors.

At total demolition or robotic demolition it may be more dangerous to the environment than for workers who operates the demolition tools.

Examples of measures against the spread of stone dust:
• enclose of and encapsulating the entire work process,
• use local exhaust ventilation at machinery;
• prevent the dust to spread through the air by means of water

By preventing the spread of dust at source the risks will be minimizes for both workers and to  other persons in the surrounding.

Read more about messures against the spread of Silica Dust:
Guidelines Silica HIB 2014 (IACDS/Hib)

Information och riktlinjer för dammbegränsning vid håltagning i kvartshaltiga material är sammanställt av Håltagningsentreprenörerna (HiB) på uppdrag av den internationella brancshorganisationen IACDS.